Feedback is fundamental. At MEDIdesign we design solutions that support:

The smartphone is not just a data capture device

  • Instant error identification. Where possible the most basic errors will be designed out, so that the solution ‘just works’. But where necessary, tests are applied to provide immediate prompt to remedy common human errors. This can also de-skill a process to the extent that delegation of work outside the hospital becomes feasible. 
  • Fast diagnosis. The ability to make sense of the data during consultation is key to improving results
  • User response. Allowing the professional medics to focus their expertise and attention on the most important matters, facilitating not inhibiting the care process, is vital, and so at every stage before during and after systems are introduced users are invited to share their feedback and suggestions.
  • Big Data analysis. When large amounts of robust data are available, it becomes feasible to discover non-intuitive connections and relationships with robust statistical support.