About MEDIdesign

MEDIdesign Limited is a recently-formed company, based in Holywood, Northern Ireland, with a focus on design and development of innovative medical devices that integrate seamlessly with online diagnostics and analysis tools. In a time of growing healthcare needs and tight public finances, MEDIdesign aims to radically re-engineer the boundaries and practices of selected specialisms, expanding the treatment frontier from hospital to GP surgery and beyond, breaking down and simplifying processes to self-correcting intuitive operations, and harnessing the power of machine-learning technologies to speed up, improve and better disseminate accurate diagnosis and resultant action plans.

The company was founded in 2016 by Sharon Christie, a paediatric consultant specialising in immunology, infectious diseases and allergy, and award-winning product designer Phil Douglas. The company’s board has recently been expanded to include Patrick Macdonald, an experienced mechanical engineer with a strong background in IT, plus Michael Bambrick, an entrepreneur and chartered accountant with extensive management experience at diverse companies including General Motors, Capita Group plc and NIE plc, complemented in recent years by several corporate start-ups.

Michael comments that “I am intrigued by the future prospects at MEDIdesign. Looking at the development pipeline, in its specialisms the company has potential to make a real difference in child health, improving outcomes while simultaneously substantially reducing the resource required per child.”

Medical technology to shift the treatment boundary outwards